We believe healthy families should be a priority. We encourage Christ to be the focal point of a home, encourage people to become disciple-makers, encourage families to practice and embrace unity in diversity, empower families to develop and cultivate leaders, and make each home an evangelistic center.


As a church organization, we operate over 7,000 schools across the globe from university level all the way down to elementary. We believe that education helps to improve quality of life. Quite a few of our schools specialize in health care.


We encourage people to live an abundant, healthful life, and to share divine principles and guidelines for a holistic view of a person’s health. It is God’s desire that we each have an abundant life which means a positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. National Geographic recently recognized the Seventh-day Adventists as living long and healthy lives especially in the more famous town such as Loma Linda, CA.